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About Me

My name is Frank Andrade. I studied engineering and specialized in Data Science. I’m currently navigating the world of freelancing by writing articles about Data Science on Medium and making videos on my YouTube channels Lean Languages with TV and Python en Español. I believe it’s a great idea to apply the knowledge you have in different fields you love. That’s why in most of my articles here on Medium, I use my skills in data science & programming to help people learn foreign languages and programming languages faster and also beat the bookies.

Curated Collections

Updated April 2nd, 2021

I stand by every article I write and put out. But sometimes, I write an article that I’m more proud of than any other. Believe it or not, I might spend weeks (or even months) before publishing the results of a Data Science article.

These are those pieces I’m proud of, by category (you can find the full code behind the data science & programming articles I write on my Github)

Data Science Projects:

Sports Betting:



Journey on Medium:

Trending Articles

Updated April 2021

Articles of mine that are making an impact with readers.


I’m open to discussing any topic I write in my articles. I also enjoy listening to suggestions and feedback.

The best way to reach me is on Linkedin, but you can also leave a comment on any article I write. I read all comments.

Let’s Work Together

Thanks to my experience programming and helping people learn a foreign language, there are an array of services I offer. To name a few:

  • Web Scraping services

If you’d like to work with me or want to inquire about any of these services, then reach out to me via Linkedin.

Learn Python in Spanish with me on my YouTube channel → https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGKngc82bux4NIDar572E5Q/videos

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