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Data science courses are everywhere. You can watch free tutorials on YouTube, join online courses, or have formal data science education at university, but which one is the best option?

Well, the answer might change based on your time, goals, and expertise. If you’re a fresh graduate student who is…

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Data science is not all about model building. Tasks like collecting, cleaning, and transforming data take around 80% of a data scientist’s time. That is a lot of time!

We can’t omit such tasks because they are crucial in a data science project, but we can automate some subtasks to…

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Most jobs have some tasks that add little value to our profession. Doing such tasks once isn’t a big deal, but when they become repetitive and time-consuming, they have to be automated.

By automating tasks you will stop wasting time doing mundane tasks and focus on what matters most for…

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Python offers a good number of libraries used in data science such as Pandas, Numpy, and Scikit-learn. Learning those libraries right away and skipping the basics isn’t good though.

If you would like to learn Python for data science, you should master Python core concepts first. Having a solid foundation…

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The internet is full of public data available that you can use to your advantage. To extract this data you can simply copy-paste data manually into a new document, but when it comes to extracting large data, web scraping is the best solution.

Web Scraping is the process of extracting…

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One of the first machine learning algorithms every data scientist should learn is linear regression. This simple model helps us grasp core concepts of machine learning such as recognizing the dependent and independent variables, building a model, and understand the math and statistics behind a model.

There are 2 common…

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After buying an M1 Mac, I realized how confusing is to properly set up Python with all data science packages (and non-data science packages) on the new Mac models.

According to this long Anaconda guide to the Apple Silicon, there are 3 options for running Python on the M1 —…

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