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About Me

My name is Frank Andrade. I studied engineering and specialized in Data Science. I’m currently navigating the world of freelancing by writing articles about Data Science on Medium and making videos on my YouTube channels Lean Languages with TV and Python en Español. I believe it’s a great idea to apply the knowledge you have in different fields you love. …

Use openpyxl to automate your Excel reporting with Python

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Let’s face it; no matter what our job is, sooner or later, we will have to deal with repetitive tasks like updating a daily report in Excel. Things could get worse if you work for a company that doesn’t work with Python because you wouldn't be able to solve this problem by using only Python.

But don’t worry, you still can use your Python skills to automate your excel reporting without having to convince your boss to migrate to Python! You only have to use the Python module openpyxl to tell Excel what you want to do through Python. …

Use crontab and the task scheduler to automate your scripts and save time

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Running a Python script could be as easy as opening your IDE or text editor and clicking the run button; however, if the script has to be executed daily or weekly, you don’t want to waste time repeating these steps over and over again.

Instead, you could automate those scripts by scheduling jobs that run your Python scripts at specific times. In this article, I’ll show you how to do this on Mac and Windows using the crontab and the task scheduler.

Scheduling Jobs on macOS

The Python script we’re going to automate it’s …

Books to learn Python to create games, websites, automate tasks, and more

Hand holding a pile of books
Hand holding a pile of books
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Python is one of those programming languages you can learn easily, thanks to its emphasis on simplicity and enhanced code readability. It gets even easier to learn Python when you have a book that guides you from scratch and offers you interesting projects so you can put all the concepts learned into practice.

This is why I have made a list of books I read when I was a beginner. I recommend you read them if you’ve just decided to learn Python, have been trying to understand the basics, or you already write Python code and would like to increase…

Use the stylecloud and wordcloud libraries to customize your wordcloud.

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A wordcloud lets us easily identify the keywords in a text where the size of the words represents their frequency. With this, we’ll get a good idea of what a text is about before even reading it. Although there are many free tools to make wordclouds online, we can use our Python skills to customize wordclouds even more.

In this article, we’re going to use the stylecloud library to make beautiful wordclouds with a few lines of code, the wordcloud library to add our own image to use it as a mask of our wordcloud and stop_words to customize the…

Easily extract information from any text with Python.

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If you ever worked with text data in Python, you know that most of the time you have to deal with dirty data. This means that the specific text you’re looking for (names, date, email, etc) would need to be extracted before it’s ready to use.

This is when regular expressions (regex) come in handy. Thanks to its syntax you will be able to find the pattern you wish to extract and save immense time.

Although regular expressions might look intimidating, at first sight, I created some animated images for all the regex we’re going to see in this article…

Make learning Web Scraping less difficult.

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Web Scraping is the process of extracting data from a website. Learning Web Scraping could be as easy as following a tutorial on how libraries like Beautiful Soup or Selenium work; however, you should know some concepts to understand better what these scraping tools do and come up with effective ways to tackle a task.

In this article, I made a list of 5 things I wish I knew when learning Web Scraping. They are either concepts you should understand before learning Web Scraping or advice to make your code more robust when scraping.

1. HTML Basics for Web Scraping

Before you start learning any Web…

Use Pandas and Numpy to replace Excel.

Image by author (made on Canva)

As someone who has been working with Excel for many years, I know that the idea of learning things you can already do in Excel/VBA in a completely new environment like Python doesn’t sound so exciting. However, all the benefits that the Python environment offers make this worth it. For this reason, I came up with a useful and simple guide I wish I had when I switched from Excel to Python.

In this article, we’ll use Python’s Pandas and Numpy library to replace many Excel functions you probably used in the past.

Table of Contents 1. The Dataset 2…

The best way to make money without a job.

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You’ve been learning how to code for the past months and now you seem to have a solid knowledge of the basics, but without any experience, no one wants to hire you and you still don’t feel confident enough to participate in a coding competition like a hackathon to win the prize money.

At that moment, you might feel it’s almost impossible to start making money coding. I know this because I had that problem before … until I started writing programming articles on Medium.

Back then, I wasn’t an expert programmer, but after learning specific topics, I started projects…

Customize Matplotlib & Seaborn and forget those ugly blue bars forever.

Matplotlib & Seaborn guide
Matplotlib & Seaborn guide
Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

You’re in the middle of a project and suddenly you need to make a plot to analyze the data or present the insights found. You don’t have too much time, but you definitely don’t want to create a plot that looks like this.

Frank Andrade

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