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About Me

My name is Frank Andrade. I studied engineering and specialized in Data Science. I’m currently navigating the world of freelancing by writing articles about Data Science on Medium and making videos on my YouTube channel Python en Español. I believe it’s a great idea to apply the knowledge you have in different fields you love. …

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Writing a good resume is tough. You have to sum up all the good things you did in your professional life, tailor your resume to a job description and even create a good-looking resume to distinguish yourself from the pack.

But you’re neither a creative writer nor a graphic designer. So how to create an irresistible data science resume without spending hours playing with Microsoft Word?

Instead of using any text editor like Word, we can use Overleaf templates and LaTeX. If you’ve ever worked with Jupyter Notebooks in your data science career, probably you’ve already used LaTeX to create…

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a new hire or an experienced professional, everyone has expectations when starting a fresh job.

You might’ve taken data science courses, solved projects, and heard a lot about real-world data science experience, but what you will find when starting a job as a junior data scientist might be different from what you expected.

Your reality as a junior data scientist might slightly change based on the size of the company and the exact role you have, but in most cases, you would be in one of the following scenarios.

Expectations vs Reality

1. Modelling All Day vs Cleaning and Transforming Data

Probably some of the most exciting…

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One of the things I ask myself after publishing an article or video is, “will this get a lot of views?”

Things like a good title and the content will determine whether people click on and engage with your story. But before you get there, you need to come up with a good idea and then turn it into something most people in your niche want to read or watch.

However, this isn’t easy. You might spend hours looking at a blank sheet and then think that everything was already discussed and all the good stuff was already published.


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One of my first jobs involved doing simple Excel tasks that at scale got tedious and time-consuming. I could do all that stuff manually and become an expert in doing mundane tasks, but I decided to learn Python to simplify them instead.

Excel is a good tool for working with data but has some limitations when it comes to working with hundreds of files that need to be modified. Here’s where Python can help.

In this article, we will simplify 5 Excel tasks that I (and probably you) often had to do at work.

First things first

Install The Libraries

To simplify these Excel tasks with…

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Web Scraping is without a doubt a must-have skill for data scientists. This involves extracting data from websites in order to collect information and build a dataset. This will always be the first step of your data science project since real projects require real-world data.

This is why I gathered the best free and paid courses out there that will help you master this skill in Python. The courses cover the main web scraping libraries in Python: Beautiful Soup, Selenium, and Scrapy. The first is the most basic tool, while the last is the most complete framework.

Disclosure: Some of…

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The first step of a data science project is data collection. Real-world data is available on countless websites, but some don’t have an API and even if there’s an API available, the free version will limit the number of requests unless you upgrade. This is when web scraping comes in handy. Web scraping is the process of using bots to extract public data from websites.

To scrape websites and build our own datasets, we will use Scrapy, which is the most powerful and fastest web scraping framework in Python. …

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Before paying for a course, it’s a good idea to check what been published out there — there’s a decent amount of high-quality free content. This is what I did when I started learning Python for data science. I checked the curriculum of paid data science courses and then searched all the stuff related to Python.

After taking over 10 courses, I selected the best 4 free courses I took to learn Python for data science. …

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As a programmer, something you need to learn — and isn’t taught at a bootcamp or college — is a good habit that helps you become a better programmer. Good habits help you bring you closer to your goals, reduce an immense amount of time wasted, and become effective at what you do.

In this article, we will see seven habits I learned from productive and effective programmers that I believe anyone should follow, especially if you’re a self-taught programmer like me. …

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Web scraping is a skill used for extracting data from websites. That data can be used for market research, price comparison, data science projects, and more. Without a doubt, this is one of the important skills you need to master as a data scientist.

Scraping data off websites typically involves learning a programming language like Python and libraries like Selenium or Scrapy; however, even people who don’t know how to code can scrape websites. This is true! …

Frank Andrade

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